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Intraoral Radiographs

Examinations made by placing the x-ray film within the patient’s mouth during the exposure.

High-detail view of the teeth & bone in the area exposed, and are most appropriate for revealing cavities, periodontal disease or periapical disease in a localized region.

    • Periapical views show all of a tooth and the surrounding bone.
    • Uses: for revealing cavities, periodontal disease and periapical lesions.
    • Interproximal views show the coronal aspects of both upper & lower teeth as well as the surrounding bone in a region.
    • Uses: for revealing proximal cavities and evaluating the height of the bone and can be made in either the anterior or posterior region of the mouth.
    • Occlusal views in which the film is positioned in the occlusal plane.
    • Uses: for children – in place of periapical views because of the small size of the patient’s mouth; for adults, may supplement periapical views providing visualization of a greater area of teeth and bone, for demonstrating impacted or abnormally placed maxillary anterior teeth, for visualizing the region of a palatal cleft, may also also demonstrate buccal or lingual expansion of bone.

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